Martin Mitev

Innovation Lead and Captain Airbus 220


Martin is an airline captain on one of the greenest commercial jets today. This exemplifies one way he applies his keenness to shape the future and keep aviation a force for good. 

He has been spreading ideas for airline innovation in various positions, both front line and back office, since 2013. He has participated in numerous sustainability projects such as the removal of extra weight from an aircraft through paper manual replacement with an Electronic Flight Bag and the GPS-based trajectory guidance (RNP-AR trials) for minimum fuel consumption on turboprop aircraft arrivals in airBaltic’s home base, Riga. Martin builds professional expertise on academic knowledge from a degree in Computer Science from the Free University in Brussels and will complete his Master’s in Aviation Management at City University in London in the spring of 2021.

Aviation Sustainability Conference Agenda

25 November 2020 | 11:55 - 12:45 | Virtual Panel: Driving Greener Economic Growth

Reassessing the ROI of staying ahead of competition and developing new cutting-edge green technology such as advanced aerodynamics, light materials, innovative engines and electric aircrafts. How can the industry invest in a future in which we can make sure that aviation is compatible with net zero carbon and is on track with a green recovery without overly impacting the levels of connectivity comfort and affordability that is associated with aviation today.

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