Gabriel Godfrey

Product Owner Sustainable Aircraft


Gabriel Godfrey is the sustainable aircraft product owner at APSYS. After acquiring a degree in electrical engineering, Gabriel spent 6 years developing electronic systems for various large civil aircraft avionics systems. He then spent the next 8 providing electronics expertise in support of propulsion control system integration while fulfilling the role of technical advisor for hardware design assurance at APSYS. Through these experiences, he acquired a thorough understanding of the rigors of aircraft and safety critical system development that allowed him to seamlessly transition to R&D projects aiming at developing safe future sustainable aircraft concepts. As the sustainable aircraft product owner, Gabriel’s role is to draw on APSYS’s expertise in risk management to provide consulting services tailored to the needs of customers in support of the aviation industry’s evolution towards sustainability. Gabriel is also heavily involved in standardization as the secretary of the SAE E-40 Electrified Propulsion committee.

Aviation Sustainability Conference Agenda

25 November 2020 | 14:00 - 14:45 | Virtual Panel: How to control risks introduced by new sustainable technologies, hydrogen case study

The use of hydrogen as a primary source of power is one of the most promising technological enablers on the path towards sustainable aviation. Introduction of hydrogen-based technologies will bring new risks in aircraft design, production, operation, maintenance and recycling. The panel will discuss these risks, their impact throughout the aviation ecosystem and how the aviation industry can collaborate and draw from other industries to control them.

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